Stunt Performer & Coordinator


With a proficient contemporary circus career and education as Military Police at the Swedsih Armed Forces aswell as Stunt Performance at Zin-Lit' Stunt Institute, Janne is well equiped both as an allround Stunt Performer and Stunt Coordinator. - Jan Ollén


Being acrobatically educated prior to doing stunts, Janne takes most Brawl Stunts with ease. Allthough comming from the land of Ikea, he has proven to be very skilled at dissasembly.

"Shooting Dead Snow 2 was awesome, lest for the fact I could not stop huming "I came in like a wreacking ball". Contrary to Miley, I meant it literally..."

Having several vehicles, furnitures, walls and roofs under his belt, Janne gladly comes crashing, be it wire assisted or by physically running and jumping, tandem or solo - doesn't matter to him.


"My first meeting with Stage Fighting and Brawl stunts was back in 2005, Slapstick was my very first act in Highschool."

Janne got to know Stage Fighting both through Slapstick in Highschool and during his Stunt Education, but truly got proficient up in Tromsø - Northern Norway, under Sword Master and Stunt Coordinator Kristoffer Jørgensen. Getting to know, and master, all the melee weapons you can think of.

Letter of Recommendation by Kristoffer Jørgensen.

Although not attending classes, Janne continues honing his skills in the art of Fighting for Film and Stage Combat, and is more than well suited both as a Performer and Choreographer. Not only with sword, axe, knife or fists, but also knowing several firearm platforms from his military education, he acts as an firearm instructor whenever possible.

Not to mention World Champion in Medieval Battle and Silver Medal in Fantasy Battle from the World Championship in Stage Fencing, Portugal 2012.


When it comes to rigging, Janne definitely defines as a nerd. His life-long tinkering tendensies has nothing but elevated his skills as a rigger. Be it climbing points for Aerial Arts or Rappelling, Flying-wire-gags or strapping someone to a Tank, Janne is sure to find the solution.

"I mean, it's not rocket science, just a bunch of newtons going here and there - much like a rocket.... I'm being facetious"

Sometimes working with state of the art equipement and rigging points, sometimes a dirty excavator. Janne takes well care of -all- crews' safety and wellbeing when rigging, be it safety-strapping camera-crew or multidirectional flight.

"The part I really love is the neverending learning, be it from workshops, a smart colleague, or just because you figured something out, the book truly never ends when it comes to rigging!"


Planning and prepp ensures the execution and the productions result. With years of experience on his litteral back, Janne handles most fire-stunts with a cool head. But you cannot do it alone, and as with so much else in the stunt profession, teamwork is key.

Fire stunts have a tendency to overlap with pyrotechnics, which is only natural. Janne is happy to help any production to find what they are in need of.

"Old school still works in a pinch, but the fumes and smoke isn't the best..."

Due to the low "re-do-ability" Janne puts great weight on talking to director and camera, before setting up the shot. So that it is safe - for everyone - and all on set knows what's going on. The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to fire. That goes for just a little background flame, to fire-juggling, all the way to full-body-burns.