Circus artist & contemporary performer


Having his first ever paying gig in late winter of 2006, as a walkabout clown tying balloon animals for kids on the Birka Cruise Paradise for 2 weeks. Jannes' career has been more than versatile, to say the least, performing in most of the different disciplines of contemporary circus.

Be it performing a fun, coquetish and upbeat aerial straps solo in a club setting, or being a supporting juggler in a set theatre production, Jannes' broad skillset will fit almost any production.

The list of live events and gigs spanning acrobatics, pair-acrobatics, juggling, clown, stunts, fire, aerial, etc. is atleast 150 events long. All between 5 minute solos to whole evenings with a +10 cast.

Janne is just as comfortable following a script, director, or tailoring a performance for the client.


Be it a chaotic scene or a beautiful piece, Janne is sure to elevate your production.

Starting his circus adventure almost 2 decades ago, to call Janne experienced would be an understatement. Working continuesly as a performer, pedagogue, director and choreographer he has gained a certain insight in the field seldom matched.

With his love for choreography and experience spanning from street-events to directing and choreographing kids to residency grant from Swedish Arts Council, Janne's width in different disciplines and contemporary, aswell as classic, gives his skills a definitive edge choreographically.